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Bury Elminster Deep
Ed Greenwood
Wizards of the Coast, $25.95 340pp
Release Date: August 2,2011

Elminster has returned, and so may has Mystra, goddess of the realms.

The story begins with Elminster riding inside of a noblewoman’s mind to a rendezvous with an entity claiming to be Mystra. Mystra wants Elminster to again be her agent, to find and spread her spells, to acquire new chosen for her, and to keep her return a secret, for now.

To do Mystra’s bidding, Elminster must travel the realms and become the head of Cormyr’s War Wizards. Manshoon and his minions are ever around to attempt to stop him. And, of course, there are the nobles who are concerned that magic corrupts, plus the fact that Elminster is under sentence of death in Cormyr.

The story is enjoyable, the attention to detail is wonderful, and the characters are believable. My one quibble with the book is I am afraid it presages a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The current edition was explained by the death of Mystra and the changes to the way magic works.

Very Highly Recommended. ~~ Bob LaPierre

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