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Archimedes Claw
by Theodore Morrison Homa MD
AuthorHouse, $15.99, 364pp
Release Date: August 10, 2011

Action, including the Roman navy’s assault on Syracuse and the vengeful soldier who disobeys the order to capture Archimedes alive, romance and lost love, government intrigue, and an academic discovery that leads to time travel are woven together in this novel.

Archimedes was almost 70 when imperial Rome decided to lay siege to the island city-state of Syracuse , and for over three years, the inventions of Archimedes repelled the Roman fleet and army. After having their ships sunk by catapulted boulders, burned by concentrated sunlight, and otherwise discomfited, they finally succeeded in staging an effective invasion, and Archimedes was struck down. Over 2000 years later, physician, historian, and physicist Finn McGee is a professor at University of Syracuse when the United States Government – a modern Rome – takes a proprietary interest in his research, an attempt to recreate the work that had engaged Archimedes’ attention to his last breath.

Finn wants to keep his discovery secret, at least long enough to explore the parameters of temporal displacement. Motivated primarily by the enthusiasm of the natural scientist, he is also tempted to revisit his own past and the love of his life. But can the past be changed? And what can a man find who can go anywhere, anywhen, when he is willing to get lost in time? – Chris R. Paige

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