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Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound
edited by Mark Leslie
Edge, $15.95, 257pp
Release Date: September 15, 2012
Oh, those artsy Canadians. Once again we have an anthology by all Canadian authors of some of their best science fiction, fantasy and horror stories with some poetry thrown in. This series is different from one volume to the next. The two prior volumes had themes of dark fantasy and young adult, or YA, fiction. This one is stories related to the arts: music, writing, dance, etc. A few of the stories are not new, such as a collaboration between Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart - yes, the drummer for the rock band Rush. You may recognize Robert J. Sawyer's name. You may get a chill up your spine with Matthew J. Schmidt's story "Slava the Immortal" involving the art of face masks. And Jeff Hughes has an epic poem "Song of Conn and the Sea People" which has the cadence of Viking eddas with fabled Ireland , fantasy heroes, and underwater enemies with a scifi edge. These tales are inspired by the muses, and make the written word a pleasure to read. ~~ Mike Griffin

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