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Hell On A Leash
by Michael McCloskey
Self Published, 213pp
Price Dealer Determined. Also available as an Ebook from Barnes and Noble and Smashwords for $2.99
Release Date: January 1, 2011
Nergal, Ralcander, Avawo and Kreen, known as The Four are the meanest, most vicious scoundrels to be found anywhere. They move into an area, recruit local talent and rob, murder and plunder until things get too hot for them. Then they abandon their helpers move to a new place and begin again. Finally, however, they may have bitten off more than they can chew; for the four face two dangers at once. Prince Keldon has raised a force to hunt them down and as they plan their usual departure they encounter a Dragon who enslaves them with unendurable pain and commands them to capture the Prince. Thus they must face Keldon instead of disappearing. Also their research shows them that the ancient and evil worm is in the habit of disposing of its slaves when their usefulness is past. Can they use the Prince to aid them in destroying the dragon?

Thus begins a romp through a Dungeons and Dragons style world. The four are well defined. Nergal is your unrefined brutal and massive barbarian who speaks in short ungrammatical sentences on topics usually related to battle, women, liquor, plunder or food. Avawo is a beautiful woman of royal ancestry who usually slays her lovers. She is strong in battle and dangerous. Ralcander is a displaced nobleman and a master of martial disciplines. He is noted for his perverted sexual practices if we can believe his associates. Kreen, the fourth, is a female warrior of great power. She wears a black winged headpiece which gives the observer no chance to judge her pulchritude. She is armed with a shafted double bladed weapon which is an ax on one side and a sharp vicious hook on the other. Prince Keldon is a mighty swordsman, noble and honorable, who quickly earns the respect of his soldiers.

The book is an easy read. I enjoyed it. Recommended.

Mr. McCloskey has 12 other Ebooks out. From the titles I would guess they are all gaming related fantasies. See the list on Barnes and Noble offers ~~ Gary Swaty

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