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Thieves' Quarry
by D.B. Jackson
Tor, 2013, $25.99, 316pp
Release Date: July 2, 2013
The seamy side of pre-Revolutionary Boston ’s docks, bars, and graveyards is the setting for this supernatural thriller. Ethan Kaille is the go-to guy when things go wrong in a way that raises the short hairs, and when every man aboard one of His Majesty’s ships is struck dead, things have gone very wrong. Incidents like this have a way of escalating the tensions between colonists and king’s soldiers, and in 1768 there are already men like Samuel Adams calling openly for independence. So the sooner this mystery is solved, the better for everyone – except the perpetrators.

But Ethan has a rival in the shadow magic trade - Sephira Pryce and her bully-boys have a corporate approach to managing magical talent; for her it’s all about turning profit and forming useful alliances, and by refusing to join her organization Ethan has backed himself into a narrowing niche. He may have the inside track on this particular magical murder, but it’s a race to find the truth and prove it before Sephira manufactures a solution to serve her own ends.

This adventure is wonderfully atmospheric, with the smells, sounds, sights and sensations of old Boston breathing through every page, and a mystery that unfolds like a black rose.

This sequel to Thieftaker can be read as a stand-alone, but you’ll undoubtedly enjoy it more if you read that before continuing the adventure. ~~ Chris R. Paige

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