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August 1, 2018
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July 1, 2018
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Jane Yellowrock #4: Raven Cursed
by Faith Hunter
Roc, $7.99, 384pp
Publication Date: January 3, 2012
Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker and works as a rogue-vampire killer for Leo, the Master Vampire of New Orleans. This installment has Leo sending Jane to Asheville, North Carolina when the vampires there wish to start their own clan. Her task is to keep Grigoire, a vampire working for Leo, safe while he decides if local Master Vampire Lincoln Shaddock is ready to rule his own city.

Since Asheville is in the Appalachians, Jane is happy to return especially since her best friend, the witch Molly, lives there with her family. Unfortunately, relations with the family aren’t as good as they used to be since Molly’s husband Evan blames Jane for putting Molly and their kids in danger (events of Blood Cross).

When a group of campers is attacked by something supernatural and the blame is being put on vampires, Jane turns from envoy to investigator to find the culprit. Determining that the deaths are a result of werewolves Jane follows the scent trail searching for the two werewolves who were not killed with their pack. It looks like they are rebuilding their pack by killing the men and biting the women. She also scents the grindylow whose job is to enforce shifter law by killing any shifter who infects humans, but something is wrong since he hasn’t yet killed the two rogue werewolves and even odder - his scent is just wrong somehow.

Jane’s boyfriend Rick is having problems turning into a leopard at the full moon since his tattoos interfere.  He is in the area camping with Kem, the leader of the African Were Cats (Mercy Blade) who is supposed to guide him in his first change. But all is not as it seems, Kem plans to kill Rick as soon as he changes as retribution for the death of his mate at the hands of the grindylow.

Then there is Evangeline, Molly’s sister, who seems to be dabbling in bloodmagic and she is also using magic on her coven sisters and Molly. Molly’s kids, Angie and little Evan, get involved in stopping their aunt; with Angie showing us even more of her powers. And then there is Beast, whose exchanges of internal conversations with Jane are both amusing and informative.

Jane learns bit more about her own past, none of it good and Jane/Beast gain a new and useful talent.  We get to know Molly and her family better, plot lines from the last book are tied up though a few things are left unresolved.

I had some time over the past month and with book seven in hand decided to re-read the entire series This is fast paced, engrossing series and highly recommended.~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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