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Dead Man's Reach
by D. B. Jackson
Tor, $29.99, 364 pp
Published: July 2015

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D.B. Jackson takes factual American history and a society on the brink of revolution, adds in some magic and business rivalries, and delivers this colorful, exciting, and believable adventure. 

This fourth book in the Thieftaker series takes us back to the events that triggered the Boston Massacre.  Having fallen on hard times, Ethan works as a security guard for the merchants who refuse to stop dealing in British imports. Because of this, he is ostracized by his lover and his friends, and is under suspicion by the law.  

Sephira Pryce is still trying to destroy Ethan and get him out of the thieftaking business, but when one of her hired goons seemingly goes into a trance and beats a man to within an inch of his life; she has no choice but to reluctantly work with him.  But, in the back of her mind, she’s suspicious that Ethan’s magic is actually the cause of the attack. 

The people of Boston are fed up with the occupation by British soldiers and become violent.  And every time a spell of violence erupts, Ethan finds himself in the middle of it.  Add the fact that Ethan can detect a spell being cast at each and every one of these instigations – is it coincidence?  Or could Ethan himself subconsciously be behind these spells?  As Ethan begins to question his own powers, he becomes obsessed in his belief that Nate Ramsey is still alive and behind everything. 

D.B. Jackson’s masterful blend of fact and fiction, fantasy and history takes us on an entertaining and most believable historical adventure.  Sadly, the ending leaves me believing this may be final saga in the supernatural adventures of Ethan Kaille.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of him.  ~~ Marie Davis

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