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No Ghouls Allowed
by Victoria Laurie
Obsidian; $7.99, 352pp
Published: January 2015

All righty then: for Halloween lovers here is a VERY creepy paranormal spook fest by Victoria Laurie. This is her ninth book in her Ghost Hunter series.  And it is pretty darn creepy and horrible.

Mary Jane Holliday the ghost hunter with her boyfriend and medium Heath Whitefeather and their research partner (and ice cream lover) “Gilley” Gillespie go back M.J.’s home town of Valdosta, Georgia because her father is finally remarrying.  M.J. is not sure what to think of this remarriage as she really loved her deceased mother and for the last several years has had a distant relationship with her dad.

But, of course, the upcoming wedding takes a big back seat to a cursed haunted house that Christine (her step-mother-to-be) has bought to renovate. The huge and long-empty Porter Manor is crammed with horrid goings on—the construction crews quit because of injuries and even death. There’s even a nasty Ouija board involved, too.

A powerful demon is loose in the house and forcing him back to his dimension is going to take all of the ghost hunters’ strength because he is no wussy disaffected spirit with a bad attitude! And to add to the mix; the demon is not alone.  The three ghost hunters work hard to discover who the demon and his companion are, why they are there infecting the house with their horrible presence. Oh. MY. God. The reasons for the demon’s manifestation (and the other vicious ghost) are very horrific.

Ms. Laurie (herself a professional psychic) gives us enough creep factor here to make your skin crawl. And M.J. finds out some family secrets of her own that bring her to her knees. As well as some very bad history about the Porters who previously owned the house.

The tension and terror is top notch.  Just be prepared for some pretty scary stuff in between the snarkiness and camaraderie.  A perfect book for All Hallow’s Eve!  ~ Sue Martin

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