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November 1, 2021
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Rowankind Book Three
by Jacey Bedford
DAW, $7.99, 480pp
Published: November 2018

This is a gripping finale to the Rowankind trilogy by Jacey Bedford, set in an alternate 1802 England beset by magic.

Rossilinde, better known as Ross, and her new shapeshifting husband, Corwen, have been tasked by the seven lords of the Fae to convince mad King George to end the persecution of the Rowankind by the Mysterium, a tyrannical group who work for king and country with impunity to manage the magical population. They have been given a deadline by which to deal with the situation before the Fae step in and take care of the problem themselves. Moreover, their old enemy Walsingham, the previous leader of the Mysterium, is at large and out for vengeance.

While trying to contact and convince the mad King, who may not be as mad as everyone thinks—or if he is, he's mad in a magical way—of the importance of the situation, Ross and Corwen help with other supernatural issues. They look into the disappearance and imprisonment of witches, who are being forced to help the Mysterium locate other magicals. During their search for Walsingham's notebook of deadly spells, they help an old friend from Ross's pirate days regain his life and improve the hierarchy of those who live the pirate way. They try to help Corwen's brother Freddy, come to terms with his shapeshifting self before he risks going feral in his wolf form. They also agree to help the goblins solve the murder of one of their more prominent clan members, which is interwoven with their quest.

With an enemy's shadow looming over them, as well as a guarded secret that Ross is keeping close to her heart, they must deal with all these problems and more while on a ticking deadline. The Fae have left mankind alone up to now because they don't care to get involved with mortals, but don't be fooled into thinking they're harmless.

This book wouldn't work as well as a standalone and the trilogy should be read in order. The series is really well worth the read! Bedford does well at tying off her outstanding plot threads and, despite the sensation of a ticking clock in the background, her heroes still find time for romance, side quests, and family. Fans of the books will be glad to see old friends and antagonists and will find this a strong and satisfying wrap-up to the series. ~~ Dee Astell

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