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Disturbing the Dead
A Rip Through Time #3
by Kelley Armstrong
St Martin's Press, $28.00, 352pp
Published: May 2024

Disturbing the Dead is the latest in a unique series with one foot in the 1860s and the other in the present day. The Rip Through Time crime novels are a genre-blending, atmospheric romp from New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong.

Victorian Scotland is becoming less strange to modern-day homicide detective Mallory Atkinson. Though inhabiting someone else’s body will always be unsettling, even if her employers know that she’s not actually housemaid Catriona Mitchell, ever since the night both of them were attacked in the same dark alley 150 years apart. Mallory likes her job as assistant to undertaker/medical examiner Dr. Duncan Gray, and is developing true friends—and feelings—in this century.

So, understanding the Victorian fascination with death, Mallory isn't that surprised when she and her friends are invited to a mummy unwrapping at the home of Sir Alastair Christie. When their host is missing when it comes time to unwrap the mummy, Gray and Mallory are asked to step in. And upon closer inspection, it’s not a mummy they’ve unwrapped, but a much more modern body.

Mallory is a thirty-year-old 21st century police detective who has been transported to 1869 Edinburgh and into the body of an eighteen-year-old housemaid with an unsavory past named Catriona. Her employers, Dr Gray and his sister Isla, now know Mallory is displaced in time and she is more of an assistant to Dr Gray in his work for the police in solving murders than she is a housemaid. They are invited to a mummy unwrapping party which is interrupted when the unwrapped mummy turns out to be their missing host.  As they investigate along with Detective McCreadie the trail leads them to several suspects and an unexpected choice confronts Mallory.

It is hard to discuss the major points of this entry without giving huge spoilers. To a degree this reads like a series conclusion though I sincerely hope there are more stories to come. There are resolutions to some ongoing arcs but there are hints of other things to investigate. The series is highly recommended, I only hope we see more mysteries for Mallory and Duncan to solve. - Addendum: Per Ms Armstrong book 4 and another novella are written and she is in the process of reasearching book 5. I can hardly wait. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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