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September 1, 2022
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Kitty Quest
by Phil Corbett
Razorbill, $12.99,208pp
Published: June 2021

Woolfrik and Perigold are two down-on-their-luck kittens in need of some extra cash, so they've decided to become professional monster slayers. Except they don't know the first thing about it! So when a huge beast starts rampaging through town, they are put to the ultimate test. Fortunately, they accidentally awaken a ghost who is the last not-so-living member of an ancient guild of warriors, and he's going to teach them everything he knows.

But the monster is just the beginning of their worries, because someone even more troublesome is pulling its strings. So even though they've never been in a battle--or even gone on a real quest before--it's up to these kittens to save the day and prove they've got what it takes to be heroes.

Once upon a time there was the Guild of Kitquaroo full of warriors and wizards who ventured forth on quests to save the land of Pawdor. Eventually all the monsters were vanquished and there was no longer a need for the guild so the wizards created a spell to store the Tower, all its contents and a ghostly guardian in a jewel until such time as Pawdor was again in need of monster hunters.

Woolfrik and Peigold are down-on-their luck monster hunters. When the monster they are hired to vanquish turns out to be a plumbing problem they are rewarded with a jewel. They try to use it to buy food but the vendor will not take the jewel. As they try to talk the vendor into taking the jewel they inadvertently annoy a fellow customer who brings forth a monster.  As they run from the monster they accidentally bring forth the tower and knock out the monster. Hiding in the Tower they find out they are the new guardians of Pawdor and set forth to vanquish the monster but all is not as it seems.

This a really cute story with beautiful artwork. This is the first of a series and I look forward to future quests with Kitty Quest. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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