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October 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022
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Mellybean and the Wicked Wizard
Mellybean #2
by Mike White
Razorbill, $12.99, 208pp
Published: June 2021

Melly's learned a new trick, and she can't wait to show the cats. But then she accidentally loses her ball down the magical hole in their backyard. So she decides this is the perfect excuse to visit her friends in the fantastical world on the other side. And the cats want to come too. (After all, they need to find someone to open their cans of food!)

But instead of a warm welcome, they discovers the kingdom has fallen into a mysterious deep sleep. And it is all thanks to Wilma, the wizard who long ago took Narra's powers. She's back to steal the magic of other mythical creatures so she can become the greatest wizard ever. Now Melly and the cats are all that stand in her way. But how will these four ordinary pets stop an extraordinary villain? Well, they may just have a few tricks up their sleeves!

Melly and the cats, Tugs, Chuck and Butternut go to visit the magic kingdom and Melly’s friend Narra when Melly loses her ball in the hole in the backyard. They arrive to find that the evil wizard Wilma, who stole Narra’s magic in book one, has now stolen another ancient power and sent the whole kingdom to sleep. Melly and the cats, along with Hetty the hippocorn, must find Wilma and retrieve Narra’s and Hetty’s magic before Wilma destroys the world.

This is another sweet adventure. These are the pets we all wish we had. Again, adults will enjoy the story as well as younger readers. Hopefully we will see even more adventures for Melly. Recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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