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October 1, 2022
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September 1, 2022
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Pepper Page Saves the Universe
The Infinite Adventures of Supernova #1
Written by Landry Q. Walker, illustrated by Eric Jones
First Second, $14.99, 208pp
Published: February 16, 2021

The year is 2421. Awkward and shy, Pepper buries herself in the universe of the classic fictional superhero Supernova to avoid dealing with the perils of the 9th grade. But then fate intervenes when Pepper encounters a strange cat named Mister McKittens and stumbles into a volatile science experiment run by a sinister substitute teacher named Doctor Killian.

Pepper is flung into another dimension, bringing her face to face with an order of cosmic beings who declare her to be the steward of their great power, champion of harmony in the universe, protector of worlds present and past.

Now, in the 21st Century, Pepper finds that she herself is the real Supernova. But as Pepper soon learns, escapist fantasy and reality are two very different things.

Pepper Page is a shy orphan who does not quite fit in with the 23rd century world she lives in; preferring to immerse herself in old vintage comic books about the superhero, Supernova.  Running away from bullies, she and her friends stumble across a teacher, Professor Killian, about to perform some unknown experiment on a cat. Pepper tries to stop him and she and the cat disappear only to appear in a new dimension where she finds out she is Supernova.  When she and the cat, now with the ability to talk and a demand to be called Mr McKittens, end up in the 21st century she refuses to accept that she is the real Supernova. And then Dr Killian shows up with her two friends who have been brainwashed and a plan to take over the universe, Only Supernova can defeat him and save the universe but can Pepper overcome her fears and accept her destiny?

A nice origin story with lovely artwork. While the target audience is 8-12 years of age this adult still had a good time reading this graphic novel. I look forward to more adventurers with Supernova. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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