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November 1, 2018
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Callahan's Bar Trivia
Contest Answers

Set 1 Answers

1.      What was the title of the very first Callahan story?   “The Guy with the Eyes”, sold to Analog

2.      Where does Spider Robinson live?  Bowen Island, British Columbia

3.      What is God’s Blessing?  Hot Irish Coffee

4.      What or who is Ralph von Wau Wau?  A talking German Shepherd dog

5.      What is the name of Jake’s guitar?  Lady Macbeth

6.      What was Jake’s second wife’s name?  Zoey

Set 2 Answers

7.      What was Mary’s profession?  Acceptable answers include: prostitute/artist, security, blacksmith

8.      What was Pyotr?  A vampire who only removed alcohol from your veins

9.      What was the name of Jake’s first new bar?  Mary’s Place

10.   Who brought Long-Drink to Callahan’s for the first time?    Fast Eddie picked him up off the street

11.   What did Jake name his (second) baby?  Erin

12.   Who was the second alien to come into Callahans?  Acceptable answers:  Broodseven-Sub-Two Raksha, Raksha, or Adoph Hitler

13.   Who did Doc Webster marry (the second time)?   Mei Ling

Set 3 Answers

14.   Who was “the guy with the eyes?”  Mickey Finn

15.   Who were Mary’s parents?  Mike Callahan and Lady Sally Callahan

16.   What was Arethusa?  A telepathic twin, one mind in two bodies, also an artist in Lady Sally’s employ. Also acceptable is:  A bicorporeal harlot

17.   What was Maureen’s husband’s profession?  Con man

18.   What kind of bomb destroyed Callahan’s Bar?  And who provided it?  Suitcase nuke, Noah Gonzalez

19.   Who is Solace?  An AI living in the Internet

20.   Who introduced Long-Drink to his wife, Helen?  Doc Webster

21.   What were the MacDonald brothers’ names and what was their talent?   Paul and Jim, they were telepaths

22.   Josie Bauer was a time-traveler to the bar, who did Spider hint was her father?   Phillip Jose Farmer

23.   Callahan once had a trans-dimensional device installed in the bar without his permission.  What did it look like?  Mirror

24.   Who was Pixel visiting when he met up with Erin?  Virginia (aka Ginny) Heinlein

25.   What did Jake and the gang use to finally disable the threat to the universe in Callahan’s Key?  A Nike-Hercules missile

26.   What was Marty’s (Pignatelli) profession when he met the gang for the first time?  NJ State Trooper

27.   What was the name of the new bar in Key West?  The Place

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