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Philip Jose Farmer’s “Tarzan” TRIVIA CONTEST
Updated 07/15/2014
Answers to

We’ll be posting a handful of questions for the next couple months to get you warmed up.  We don’t know yet how many questions you’ll have to answer.  But it will be enough to challenge you and make it fun.  Once our faithful reader has read every Farmer story related to Tarzan that she can locate, we’ll announce the end of the contest.  You’ll have a period of time to research the answers and submit via email.  We’ll award the Grand Prize to the submission with the greatest number of correct answers.  In the case of a tie, we’ll hold a drawing for names, administered by an independent agency – our seven-year-old granddaughter.

The Grand Prize will be whatever extra Farmer titles she has in her collection to purge and will include at least one paperback of  Tarzan Alive which appears to be a first printing from 1972 in really nice condition.

Yeah, we know that if you’re entering this contest, you probably have all the titles already.  But maybe you used the public library, instead; or maybe your youngest niece or nephew need copies.  In any case, our faithful reader and reviewer needs to lighten her load, the books are taking over the house.


Set One   Set Two   Set Three
  Set Four from Mother Was A Lovely Beast
  Set Five from Lord Tyger

Set One

1.      What was the copyright date of “A Feast Unknown?” 

2.      What does the title “A Feast Unknown” refer to?  (As long as you get close to the author’s intent, an exact answer isn’t necessary.)

3.      In “A Feast Unknown,” by what name was the Tarzan character known to the world?  (first and last name, and title, please)

4.      Who was Grandrith’s biological father? 

5.      Who was Grandrith’s half-brother by the same father? 

6.      Who was the Albanian who captured Grandrith and ended up buggering him? 

7.      What did Enver Noli want from Grandrith? 

8.      What was the name of Grandrith’s wife? 

9.      When was Grandrith born? 

10.   Who or what raised Grandrith when his parents died on the shores of Africa?

11.   What was Caliban’s cousin’s name? 

12.   Grandrith, while monogamous outside of the Nine’s caverns, did stray once from marital fidelity when he fell in love with Kuta.  Who or what was Kuta? 

13.      Who did Noli try to kidnap in order to draw Grandrith out? 


Set Two

1.      What was the name of the leader of the Nine’s expedition to kill Grandrith in “Lord of the Trees?” 

2.      What was the name of the member of the Nine that Grandrith managed to kill in Africa? 

3.      The Nine had prepared the Stonehenge site so that only primitive-type weapons would be allowed during the ceremony.  What device did they use? 

4.      Who killed Clara? 

5.      Who were the two Doc Caliban chose as his compatriots? 

6.      Who were Pauncho’s and Barney’s fathers? 

7.      What were the names of the two archaeologists that Caliban rescued? 

8.      What did Iwaldi plan to use to destroy the human race? 

9.      What are the names of all the Nine, including dead ones?

10.   Who was Barbara Villiers? 

11.   Who was Carlos Cobb? 

12.   What was Iwaldi’s great secret?

Set Three

1.      In “The Adventure of The Peerless Peer”, where was Watson employed when summoned to London by Mycroft Holmes? 

2.      What happened to Watson’s papers detailing unpublished cases of his and Holmes after the London bank where they had been stored was blasted to bits by the Germans? 

3.      The bacillus that Von Bork stole was intended to be used on the Germans by affecting what significant food source? 

4.      Holmes & Watson were to be flown to Africa by Leftenant John Drummond.  Who was Drummond to Lord Greystoke? 

5.      Holmes had written a book on research he did while living in retirement in Sussex.  What was the subject of the book? 

6.      In a previous adventure, Holmes and Watson had rescued a young peer of the realm, suspected now to be the current Lord Greystoke.  What was the name of the child? 

7.      How was the ape-reared young Greystoke, once thought dead on the shores of Africa, proven to be the real heir? 

8.      What was the sum agreed to by Greystoke to engage the services of Holmes and Watson? 

9.      The Queen Priestess of the village where Holmes and Watson were imprisoned was the granddaughter of which two men? 

10.   How did Holmes save the party from death from bees? 

11.   Who did the Priestess marry?

Set Four from Mother Was A Lovely Beast

1.      The primates that raised Tarzan as a child are known to themselves as what?

2.      Who or what was the first encounter Tarzan had with God? 

3.      What was Tarzan’s surrogate/adoptive mother’s name? 

4.      Was “Mother Was a Lovely Beast” a complete work of fiction? 

5.      What was the theme of the book? 

6.      Who wrote “Tarzan of the Grapes?” 

7.      What was the title of the George Bruce story? 

8.      What was the name of the English nobleman who was, purportedly, the real-life inspiration for Tarzan? 

Set Five from Lord Tyger

1. From where or what did Ras Tyger get his name?

2. What were his foster parents?

3. What were his foster parents names?

4. What was the name of the man who engineered Tyger’s existence?

5. What was his one surviving brother’s name?

6. Why did he slaughter the Wantso villagers?

7. What was the Bird of God?

8. Who did Ras keep captive in a cage for six months?

9. What was the name of the blonde woman who was stranded in the valley?

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