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Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting

February 3, 2006


Attendance: Stephanie L Bannon, Craig L. Dyer, Robert LaPierre, Lori LaPierre, Sue Uttke

Called to order: 7:05PM

1) Introduction of guests: Richard Bolinski

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting.

           Bob moved, Stephanie second Vote 5 – 0 - 0

3)  Treasurer’s report as of 
          No report. There will be a report next meeting. Right now everything is jumbled into two  or three boxes but it will have to be put into order for the final 501(c)3 paperwork due           March 30


4)  Progress on new logo ground to a halt when Rick Andrews left. Now what?

          Richard Bolinski will create a sci-fi penguin logo.

5) Cost on changing banner (Stephanie):

          Tabled – Stephanie forgot the banner again

6)  Has Gary finished the Westercon data entry yet?


          Tabled due to lack of Gary

7)  Are we staffing a membership table at any future events? Stephanie will take care of it during AniZona. What about Lep? Copper?

          Suggested that we get written opinion from IRS, if possible, to determine that there are    no problems with WesternSFA selling memberships for non-501(c) 3 groups

     Determined that there will not be a table at LepreCon 32 due to lack of bodies

8) ConRunners Report:
      a. Dec 4:

          Attendees: 6 or 7

          Topic: Chair and committee responsibilities.

b.  Dec 11

Attendees: 7-8

Topic: Chair and committee responsibilities – part 2


c.  Jan 8

Attendees: 8-10

Topic: Programming


d.  Jan 22

Attendees: 6-7

Topic: Registration was scheduled but it turned into a roundtable discussion of cons in general



9) ConRunners 14:

          Scheduled for June 24 at Bookmans Phoenix

          ConRunners 25 scheduled for Bookmans Phoenix

          Both pending response from Bookmans


          Election of coordinator and registration tabled until May meeting.



10)     ¼ page ad in ConNotations issue 16.1 for ConRunners 13, cost is $ 30

           Motioned, seconded and approved. (we did this on email)



11) Dues are due

          Note that most will pay treasurer at home


12) The domains and are up for renewal.

Cost to keep them is approx $10 per name (depending on exchange rate) with no email redirection. Noted that is also up for renewal and that this domain needs email redirection included for a cost of approx $18.

     Moved to renew all 3: Lori, second Craig Vote 5 – 0 - 0


13) Elections:


     Board – Craig, Stephanie, Gary, Cathy, Sue

     President Bob, Vice: Sue, Secretary Cathy Historian Gary


     Move to recycle all: Craig Second SLB Vote 5 – 0 - 0


14) WesternSFA 501(c)3 Status

          WesternSFA received a letter in December at the end of our determination period. There is a form to fill out to get the final determination, form due by March 30. Answer should be in hand before the next quarterly meeting.



15) Next Quarterly/Annual Meeting scheduled for May 12, 2006 7PM at Bookmans Phoenix

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting

May 12, 2006



Attendance: Stephanie L Bannon, Craig L. Dyer, Sue Uttke, Gary Uttke, Catherine Book

Called to order: 7:35PM

1)       Introduction of guests: none

2)       Read and Approve minutes from last meeting.


3)       Treasurer’s report:
$689.12                  WSFA account balance

          $12,177.70             Convention (ConKopelli) account balance


          Stephanie discussed the possibility that Bank One will be charging fees. If that’s true, she wants to move accounts to Washington Mutual. Motion moved, seconded, all Ayes.



4)       Progress on new logo: none, due to lack of new member who volunteered to take this on (Richard).

5)       Cost on changing banner (Stephanie):

          Tabled, however, Stephanie will do real soon as we should probably use it during CopperCon 26. Discussion on wording on banner. Decided on “WSFA Presents Arizona Conventions”

6)  Westercon data entry was completed and given to the ConKopelli Programming Director, Catherine Book, who forwarded a copy to Westercon 57.


7)  Are we staffing a membership table at any future events? CopperCon? Discussion determined that we should probably have a table at CopperCon, and maybe a programming panel to promote WSFA. Will discuss further at next meeting.


          Suggested that we get written opinion from IRS, if possible, to determine that there are no problems with WesternSFA selling memberships for non-501(c) 3 groups: Bob will investigate since it was his idea.


8)       ConRunners Report:

          ConRunners 13:

          February 18, 2006

          Phoenix Bookmans location

          Event Coordinator: Catherine Book

          Registration: Gary Swaty

          Topics scheduled: Ambiance & Radio Procedures

          Actual Topics discussed: General discussion & Radio Procedures (Ambiance postponed due to lack of guest speakers since this was War weekend.)



9)       ConRunners 14:

          June 24, 2006

          Bookmans Phoenix

          Event Coordinator: Catherine

          Registration: Gary

          Topics: Ambiance (pending guest speakers) and GOH Liaison


          ConRunners 15:

          October 28, 2006

          Event Coordinator: Craig

          Registration: Gary

          Topics: Convention Timelines + ?


10)     ¼ page ad in ConNotations issue 16.3 for ConRunners 14, cost is $ 30

           Motioned, seconded and approved. Catherine will submit ad.


11)     Dues are due. Unpaid are Lois & Richard


12)     501( c)3 update: Our tax-exempt status is affirmed. Stephanie will make copy for Secretary’s records


13)     Stephanie will add Lois and Richard to the email list.




14) Craig will contact Across Plus and coordinate with them to come and talk to us at June meeting about sponsoring their event


15) Arizona Corporation report filed on May 10, 2006. Yearly tax form mailed on May 12, 2006.

16) 227 books collected at LepreCon 32 for the Pappas School. We will expand our collection drive to include Pappas School ‘wish list’ of personal items. Craig will post to our webpage.

 17) Stephanie wanted to renew our Costco account. Moved, seconded and approved.


18)     Discussed how to promote this quarterly meeting. We are on the Bookmans website and in their Event Calendar. Copy added to Secretary’s files. Also need to have a physical sign in the store – need to coordinate with Richard Brubaker, Bookmans’ Community Events coordinator. Catherine will investigate the specs and procedures and send out an email.


19)     Next Quarterly/Annual Meeting scheduled for August 4, 2006 7PM at Bookmans Phoenix

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 pm.

WesternSFA General Membership Meeting

August 4, 2006


Attendance: Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Catherine Book, Gary Swaty, Sue Uttke, Lois Cassady

Called to order at 7:05pm.

1) Introduction of guests - none

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Moved, seconded and approved.

3)   Treasurer’s report:

      approx $1000.00 in WSFA account

      approx $11,000.00 in ConKopelli account

      Accounts have not been moved to Washington Mutual yet. Stephanie has lame excuse like other con business taking over her life.


4) Progress on new logo – Richard: again, a significant lack of Richard

5) Cost on changing banner (Stephanie): $75.00 estimated. Moved, seconded and approved.

6) Staffing Fan table at CU26: Catherine in charge. She will try to find warm bodies from CU27, Lep 33, Darkcon, Hex, TusCon (Nora), AniZona and W61.

7)   Bob was to contact IRS to investigate question of WSFA selling memberships for non 501(c)3 groups. Not a problem per the information gathered at the IRS seminar on June 20, 2006.

8) ConRunners 14 Report: Really good panels. Approx 8 attendees.



9) ConRunners 15:

      Event Coordinator: Craig

      Registration: Gary

      Topics: Convention Timelines + Chair/ConCom Responsibilities

      Date: Oct 28, 2006



10) Dues: Richard & Lois. Lois is paid. Again, a significant lack of Richard.


11) Secretary still waiting for file copy of our tax exempt status. Just as soon as Stephanie can figure out which box the report is stored in which is somewhere on her side of the bedroom…



12) Were Richard & Lois added to email group? Yes.



13) Should we place an ad for ConRunners 15 in next issue of ConNotations 16.5? $30.00 for 1/4page ad – moved, seconded and approved. Stephanie abstained.



14) Across Plus: Not happening in the foreseeable future


15) Was the Pappas school ‘wish list’ posted to our webpage? Craig will do tonight.



16) Did we get a sign at Bookmans? No, Catherine will talk to store liaison. Lori.



17) Next meeting scheduled for November 3, 2006, 7pm at Bookmans, Phoenix.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:51 pm.

Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting

November 3, 2006

Minutes - Amended


Attendance: Bob LaPierre, Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Lois Cassady, Gary Swaty, Marguerite Murray, Sue Uttke, Catherine Book


Called to order: 7:22pm

1)         Introduction of guests: none

2)         Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Unfaithful secretary failed to provide minutes to approve.

3)         Treasurer’s report. Treasurer provided hardcopy of Quarterly Financial Report.


4)         Progress on new logo – Richard: another significant lack of Richard – maybe this means something… Stephanie will talk to the person who designed the CASFS logo and see if he has any ideas.

5)         Cost on changing banner (Stephanie): No progress on banner. Maybe we won’t need it since we can’t get any cooperation from other cons to staff table.


6)         Staffing Fan table at CU26: see comment above. Catherine talked to everyone and the only one to respond was Nora. W61 & Lep insisted on having their own table.

7)         Secretary still waiting for file copy of our tax exempt status: Stephanie will again attempt to locate errant box…

8)         ConRunners 15 Report:


     Cancelled due to losing our venue – they overbooked.



9)         ConRunners 16: Moved we keep the ConRunners 15 positions for next ConRunners. Seconded and approved.

            Event Coordinator: Craig

            Registration: Gary

            Topics: Convention Timelines + Chair/ComCon Responsibilities (may be changed)

            Date: Feb 10, 2007, 7pm @ Bookmans on 19th Ave & Northern


10)       Action Item (and warning): Stephanie plans to murder Gary if he starts a bid for WorldCon in 2012.


11)       102 books and toiletries donated to Pappas School, collected at CopperCon26


12)       We should get more involved with SMOFs to decide if we want to bid a SMOF-Con. Next year, Stephanie & Craig plan to attend a SMOF-Con.


13)       Bob suggested WSFA sponsor a WSFA member to attend a future SMOF-Con by paying per diem, travel and hotel.


14)       Stephanie wants to invite a member of WorldCon64 who is a non-profit lawyer who can make a presentation re 501(c)3 group and non-profit laws to a ConRunners. Moved to pay his expenses since we have $700.00 to spend only on ConRunners. Seconded and approved.


15)       We decided to sponsor Wendee Lee, a voice actress, at the next AniZona convention. Our cost will be $1000. Moved, seconded and approved.


Next meeting scheduled for February 2, 2007 at Bookmans, Phoenix.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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July 2-5, 2004


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