The Western Science Fiction Association (WesternSFA) is bidding to host Westercon 74, the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference for 2021, in Phoenix, AZ. Should we win the bid, details will be as follows:



We'll run throughout the Fourth of July Weekend, from July 2 to July 5, 2021.

That's four days, Friday to Monday, with an additional preview night on Thursday.

We'll be at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix at
122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

This is downtown, opposite the Phoenix Convention Center, only four miles from Sky Harbor International Airport.

Room rates will be $109, as they were at Westercons 62 and 70. We like no price increase in 13 years.


Where is Phoenix, AZ?

Phoenix is the capital of and largest city in Arizona. The hotel is here on Google Maps.

Within the state, it's 118 miles north of Tucson (I-10) and 150 south of Flagstaff (I-17).

Regionally, it's 362 miles east of San Diego (I-8, I-10) and 378 miles east of Los Angeles (I-10), 297 southeast of Las Vegas (US 93, US 60), 419 west of Albuquerque (I-40, US 260, US 87), 430 west of El Paso (I-10), 659 south of Salt Lake City (I15, US 89, I-17) and 821 southwest of Denver (I-25 to Albuerque).

The hotel provides valet parking and there are other parking garages within a very short walking distance, including the Chase Tower Garage on the other side of Monroe St. mere feet away.

For those who don't want to drive, Phoenix is home to Sky Harbor International Airport, to which all these cities and many others fly direct. 18 airlines fly into Sky Harbor. The free PHX Sky Train at Sky Harbor stops at the Metro Light Rail stop at 44th St. & Washington. A 13 minute ride for $2 will take you to 3rd St. & Washington, the closest stop to the hotel. That's only a fifth of a mile from the hotel.

There is no train service to Phoenix, but Greyhound runs service from most regional cities and as far as Dallas and St Louis. Check for schedules.

How about the weather?

OK, you got us. It's hot. Really hot. Tonopah is hot, but we're hotter.

We can hope for a drop to 70° F, as happens once a decade in July, but it's not likely. Temperatures are more likely to range between our average July low of 83° F and our average high of 106° F.

Those of you who attended Westercons 62 or 70 at the Tempe Mission Palms will know how hot it gets. The good news is that, once at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, you don't have to leave the building unless you want to. Everything is self-contained.

Self-contained, you say?

Yes, self-contained. There's all sorts of stuff in the immediate neighborhood if you want to venture outside, but you don't have to, because all our function space is indoors, as are a whole slew of hotel services from a 24 hour gym to a cyber lounge and including three different dining outlets.

The Hyatt Regency Phoenix has 693 guestrooms and our rate is $109 per night, which is the same as at our previous two Westercons, 62 and 70, meaning that we've seen no price increase in 13 years.

Accessibility options include closed captions for TVs, TTY text telephones and assistive listening devices (on request). Accessible guest rooms with mobility features have doorways with 32" (0.81m) of clear width.

We'll have access to all function space on the first and second floors, which totals over 33,000 square feet. That includes large ballrooms and small breakout rooms, with a whole bunch more in between. Check out some photos of the hotel and its function space.

The hotel is also going through a $40m renovation that will complete in the fall of 2019. That means that all the rooms will have been upgraded and Networks, the downstairs bar/restaurant, will have become a brew pub with 44 beers on tap.

We can even enjoy the traditional Fourth of July fireworks inside, as the Hyatt Regency Phoenix has the Compass Room, the only revolving restaurant in Arizona, which has a 360° view of the entire Phoenix metropolitan area from the 24th floor of the hotel.

What if I want to wander the neighbourhood?

The Phoenix Hyatt Regency is located at the heart of downtown Phoenix, so there's a lot really close nearby. For instance, there are over a hundred options for food and drink within a half mile.

Here's a Google Map centered on the host hotel with layers for food and drink (restaurants, coffee shops, cafés and bars), local attractions (museums, theatres, concert or sports arenas, etc.) and banks and ATMs.

That's a lot of choice! Here are a couple of articles from the Phoenix New Times to help you focus on the best ones: Where to Eat and Drink During the 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion (written last month for an event located on the other side of 2nd St in the Phoenix Convention Center) and Where to Eat and Drink in Downtown Phoenix.

Where's the nearest...

Note: Neither WesternSFA nor the Phoenix in 2021 Bid endorse any of the above, which are listed only as 'the nearest'.

Who'll be running this show?

Our sponsoring body is the WesternSFA, who ran Westercon 57, known as ConKopelli. They currently co-sponsor CoKoCon, a local sf/f con, and have run anime cons (AniZona), gaming cons (RandomCon) and conrunning seminars (ConRunners). They also run a monthly e-zine, The Nameless Zine.

Most of those on staff have Westercon experience from working Westercon 70 in Tempe, from the chair down. Many of us have worked multiple Westercons and a few of us are working Westercon 72 this year.

How can I support Phoenix in 2021?

As our competitor, Tonopah, NV, is holding a short campaign and not selling any 'pre-supports', we're happy to follow suit. Also like Tonopah, we are accepting donations to support our bid: just click the button to the left.

To vote for us, you'll need to join SpikeCon (Westercon 72) as at least a supporting member and then vote for us in the Site Selection Election.

SpikeCon is in Layton, UT, and we highly recommend that you attend, but you do not need to attend SpikeCon to vote. You can also vote by mail or you can send in your ballot with an attendee to deliver to Site Selection for you.

Here's a link to the ballot in PDF form.

Can we see your bid documents?

Absolutely. Here's a downloadable PDF of our bid filing papers, including a cover letter, a letter of intent from our venue and organizational documents for our sponsor, the WesternSFA, including bylaws and a 501(c)(3) determination letter.

Where can I see your Code of Conduct and other policies?

Should we win the bid, we'll hold Westercon 74 to the same standards that we hold our local convention, CoKoCon, by using the same Code of Conduct and other policies. You can read them here.

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