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August 30-September 2, 2019
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EQUIPMENT - Computer and Internet Access

TIME - You will need at least 2 hours a week to devote to convention matters. Some positions will take more time on a weekly basis, like Programming, some will take less, like Logistics. As we get closer to the convention more time will be needed by all positions

COMMUNICATION - Committee people must spend time on the forums if their area has a specific forum devoted to it. They must answer questions concerning their area and participate in discussions. Committee people are expected to check the committee forum not less than once a week. Email inquiries concerning your area should be responded to in 48 hours or less.

MEETINGS - All committee people should attend the committee meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting it is important to send either a senior staff person to represent your area or a detailed report on your area. The last two meetings pre-con are mandatory attendance

DEADLINES - It is important to get convention matters taken care of in a timely manner. Deadlines and time lines will be provided at the first official committee meeting after your appointment to the committee. Meeting deadlines is one of the most important parts of being a committee member as it takes all of us working together to make things work properly but only takes one or two people blowing off a deadline to cause problems for everyone.

COMMITMENT - It is important that all committee people be committed to making the convention work properly. While school and/or work are legitimate reasons for missing meetings things like social outings are not.

Yes, this is an unpaid volunteer position but by taking it on you are making a commitment to the convention and everyone else on the committee to do your part to make things work properly. If you do not do your part it means someone else has to pick up the slack to cover your area. This is not fair to anyone, not the convention, not the attendees and especially not to the committee people who have to take on extra work because you are not taking care of your area,

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