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Traditional SF convention.
August 30-September 2, 2019
Memberships limited to 500

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Job Descriptions


Computer and Internet Access
Organizational Skills
Money Handling Skills
Budgeting Skills
Attention to details
Ability to meet deadlines
Time Needed Pre-Con 6-8 hours weekly
Time Needed At Con - Full time


The Banker is responsible for all monetary issues to do with the convention
The Banker, along with the Chair, is legally responsible for all issues to do with the convention


Prepares budget and informs committee people of their budget amounts
Coordinates with Chair and Hotel negotiator on hotel contract and is a signer on the contract
All incoming funds (memberships, dealer payments, sponsor checks, etc) go to the Banker first and copies are distributed to appropriate area heads.
Banker maintains the official pre-registration database and provides Registration with bi-weekly updates
Banker issues budget advances or reimbursement with receipts
Banker makes regular bank deposits
Banker coordinates with Chair and committee person on any durable goods purchase
Banker coordinates with Hotel Liaison on contract issues such as room-pick up, food functions, and extra venue costs
Banker makes any pre-con payments to venue on time
Banker tracks bounced checks and contacts the people involved
Banker gets cash pre-con for change funds and per diem


Provides per diem to Guest Liaison to distribute to guests
Provides cash box to Registration, Promotional Merchandise, Auction and following year convention membership sales
Makes regular cash pick ups from those areas, counts out box with representative from the pick up area and makes sure cash balances.
If necessary makes bank deposit during convention
Is available to pay for deliveries when such payment was arranged pre-con


Banker deposits all at-con funds within two weeks of end of con
Banker pays hotel bill after checking that all charges are correct
Banker coordinates with Art Show to pay artists
Banker coordinates with Auction to pay auction sellers
At wrap up meeting, Banker reimburses committee people for expenses up to their budget amount. Reimbursement over budget amount depends on approval of Chair and Banker and availability of funds after all other obligations are met
Banker pays following year’s convention for pass thru memberships
Banker approves final membership list and turns it over to Corporate Treasurer

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