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Traditional SF convention.
August 30-September 2, 2019
Memberships limited to 500

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Job Descriptions


Computer and Internet Access
Willing to be contacted by phone
Organizational Skills
Management Skills
Ability to meet deadlines
People Skills
Time Needed Pre-Con 6-8 hours weekly
Time Needed At Con - Full time


The Chair is responsible for all non-monetary aspects of the convention.
The Chair, along with the Banker, is legally responsible for all issues to do with the convention


The Chair selects ths guests, approves the venue, sets the theme, and selects all committee members other than the Banker
Coordinates with Banker and Hotel negotiator on hotel contract and is a signer on the contract
Sets meeting schedule
Runs meetings
Sets deadlines for committee people and makes sure they meet them
Must be able to replace people if they are not doing their job
Must answer committee questions in a timely manner
Chair is consulted concerning and has veto power for all non-monetary issues
Chair coordinates with Banker on all budget or monetary issues.
All committee people report to the chair


Runs morning staff meeting
Meets and greets guests
Attends Guest dinner
Attends Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Compliments and Complaints
While not required, it is recommended that Chair arrange a Sunday night “Committee/Staff “bitch” session”


Set post con wrap up meeting
Coordinates with Banker on post-con volunteer “Thank you” party
Creates report for Board on overall state of convention, pros and cons.

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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