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Traditional SF convention.
August 30-September 2, 2019
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Job Descriptions



Organizational Skills
People Skills
Budgeting skills
Food handling skills
A staff of at least 15 people
Time Needed Pre-Con - 2-6 hours a week
Time Needed At Con - Full time

Overall Job Description:

Consuite can be the center of attendee social interaction. The person running consuite must enjoy large crowds of people and serving food/beverages. Basically the person running Consuite is the host/ess of a weekend long room party.


Create list of items desired in consuite along with prices from a variety of stores
Create menu
Create schedule
Determines layout for room and turns in to Hotel Liaison no later than 8 weeks pre-con
Determines equipment needs and co-ordinates with Logistics to get equipment to con
Buys and prepares food
Transports all food to convention site


Serve food
Keep room clean
Be pleasant
Change out food often so it looks nice and doesn't spoil and make people sick
Be prepared to stay open late if people are still in consuite having fun
On Sunday be prepared to stay open late for “Dead Dog” party
Clean and dry all equipment prior to packing on Sunday night
Distribute all opened food items to staff and attendees


Prepare a report on which food worked and which did not
Distribute opened items to staff
Return unused food for refund

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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