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Job Descriptions



Computer and Internet access
Be willing to talk to people by phone
Organizational Skills
Ability to meet deadlines
People Skills
Staff of 3 people
Time Needed Pre-Con - 1-5 hours weekly
Time Needed At-Con - Full time


May or may not be involved in negotiating hotel contract but once the contract is signed the hotel liaison is the single point of contact between the hotel and the convention


Receives and reads a copy of the contract
Follows up each in-person or phone meeting with the facility with an email “This is to confirm XYZ was decided “
Creates list of all sleeping rooms needed by convention (guest, prep, etc)
Reminds Chair and Banker when and if deposits are needed
Compiles room layout diagrams from all areas
Coordinates with Banker and head of programming about room use and hotel amenities
Arranges guest banquet and other food events at venue
Checks BEO with hotel rep to ensure they are correct
Creates list of staff needing convention paid sleeping space
Coordinates with Banker to assign staff crash room spaces
Gets guest list from hotel at regular intervals to track room rentals. Provides copy of list to Banker
Creates binder with a copy of the contract, a copy of all correspondence between convention and hotel and a copy of the approved BEO


Must stay on site
Is the single point of contact for hotel issues. Unless otherwise authorized only the hotel liaison can make changes to set up, hotel provided equipment etc.
Does damage walk thru on all space before the convention takes possession
Handles all disputes between convention and hotel that involves contract clauses
Gets guest list from hotel nightly to track room rentals. Provides copy of list to Banker


If requested assists Banker in settling bill

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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